ACC Silicones

ACC Silicones are a large manufacturer of silicone RTV, adhesive, sealant, moulding rubber, gels and fluids.


Industry: Silicone compound production


Excite were asked to provide four videos featuring the antics of a sentient tube of Silicone (Si-Man), that had been brought to life accidentally in a bizarre scientific experiment. In the series of films, produced using a combination of real footage and CGI, Si-Man embarks on a series of adventures, in each using the properties of Silicone to his advantage.

How did Excite Help?

Excite worked with ACC Silicones to plan the video from start to finish. We wrote the scripts (based upon outlines provided by the client), storyboarded the scenes, filmed and edited all of the required footage, obtained music and sound effects, and coordinated the CGI. We provided a complete, seamless service for the customer.