Foot Anstey

One of the largest regional law firms outside London, Foot Anstey has a network of offices across the South West and offers specialist legal advice to businesses and individuals.


Industry: Legal


Excite have worked in close partnership with Foot Anstey for several years, providing media production services for a range of video projects such as:

  • Internal / Staff Communications
  • Client & Partner Presentations
  • Infographics Videos
  • Photography Services

One example of our work with Foot Anstey, was a video presentation promoting the opening of their Bristol office. This video was to be used to communicate the project internally to staff.

How did Excite Help?

The Bristol office opening was captured over a period of time, with filmshoots taking place during the construction and development through to after the opening of the office. This enabled Excite to illustrate the stages of the project development for the staff during this period. We captured location shots around Bristol, including the bars and restaurants around the waterfront area, to show to staff the range of recreational facilities in the vicinity of the office. We also set up time-lapse cameras at building locations adjacent to the office to capture footage throughout the day and evening.

What the client said:

Please note: This video was shot in 2011, and the contact details at the end are no longer correct. To contact us, please use the details at the top of the page.